How to roll a Tulip Spliff/Joint

Blunt skins are now widely available in a large variety of lengths and flavours including non tobacco papers made completely tobacco free. The blunt papers are thicker to create a slow burn for a more enjoyable smoke, some blunt papers now feature a gum like a normal rolling paper this makes it much easier for the blunt to seal properly. Although a vast catalogue of flavours are available ranging from fruit inspired flavours such as strawberry, banana, watermelon, passion fruit ect to the flavours of your drinks cabinet with papers coming in cognac, champagne and whiskey infusions you can even buy blunts with the comforting taste of chocolate. I personally prefer natural papers with a gum as there’s no flavour you can really enjoy the taste of the Cannabis and the gum helps to give the blunt an nice air tight seal giving you the ultimate smoking experience, here’s how to do it:

How to make a blunt step 1 – Unpacked and prepare your blunt skin

Remove the blunt skin from the foil pack, unwrap it from the tube carefully to ensure it doesn’t get damaged as sometime the gums can stick in the pack and the skin can become tore if its unraveled aggressively. Most varieties come with plastic foil wrapped alongside the blunt paper to ensure it stays fresh make sure you remove this before you roll you blunt. Set the blunt paper up with the gum facing you so you can pick itstraight up and begin rolling to avoid and accidents, i like to use a little joint cupper see (how to make)

How to make a blunt step 2 – Make a roach/filter

This step is optional to taste but i recommend to make one to avoid anything shooting through ruining the experience. To make a roach/filter just cut a small piece of cardboard with some scissors and remove the top layer (see pic), this is done to avoid any nasty chemicals from the dyes and glues involved in the aesthetics of the cardboard contaminating the smoke. Once the cardboard is prepared just roll it to whatever size is needed and insert into the blunt skin on the preferred side (left or right).

How to make a blunt step 3 – Insert ingredients

Ensure your ingredients are dry as wet produce doesn’t burn well in blunts if your herbs a little wet just leave it out on some paper for about an hour that should dry it out abit. Preferably grind your ingredients with a herb grinder or just pick it up as small as possible then insert it into your blunt skin.

How to make a blunt step 4 – Roll your blunt

Pick up your skin with your thumb and forefinger on both hands so that the two edges of the blunt paper meet at the top and roll up and down to shape the ingredients. Once your ingredients reaches the desired shape bring the front edge down to just cover the ingredients then roll it forward to make it catch under the far edge once caught continue to roll up until just the gum is visible then moisten the gum and seal it down.

How to make a blunt step5 – Dry and get high!

Once rolled just ignite your lighter and heat the blunt skin from end to end to just dry it all up ready to be smoked. Now your ready to enjoy the fruits of your labour, light and enjoy.